About Offers & Prize Draws

  1. Is Priority a free service?

    Yes it is. Priority does not charge you for offers (although when using the service, your data usage will be charged at the rate according to the data agreement or package you have).

  2. Are there any restrictions or limitations around claiming Priority offers?

    Due to high demand and the speed of uptake on certain offers, we cannot always guarantee there are enough codes to go around. Specific offers may operate on a 'first come, first serve' basis and are subject to availability. Some offers can also be subject to certain eligibility rules, these rules can be found within the offers themselves.

  3. Will Priority work on any handset?

    Priority will work on any handset, so long as it has data connection. The first time you use Priority, it will automatically work out what sort of phone you have and tell you the appropriate way to access the service (via a downloadable app or the web). Web not set up? Or not sure if your phone can browse the web? Text PRIORITY to 2020.

  4. How do I become an O2 customer?

    The easiest ways are to go to o2.co.uk or to pop in to your nearest O2 shop on the High Street.

  5. Do you get charged for data when using Priority on my handset?

    Any data usage will be charged at the rate according to the data agreement or package you have.

  6. What parts of the country does Priority work in?

    Priority will work anywhere in the UK, so long as you have adequate reception.

  7. What happens if I lose my phone?

    If you keep the same number on your replacement phone, you will need to re-register for the app. You will however lose any saved vouchers. Don't forget, you can always access the service via the web.

  8. How come I occasionally find an offer that is considerably more valuable than others?

    All our offers are great; some are even greater! We do like to keep you on your toes.

About O2 Rewards

  1. How do O2 Rewards work?

    Each quarter we calculate how much you've topped-up, we then give you back 10% of your top-up's value (just so you know, you'll only get 5% if you've been an O2 Pay As You Go customer for less than 6 months). We will then text you to tell you how much you've earned. It's then up to you to choose if you want to Claim it straight away as air-time, or Save it in your rewards bank for a time that suits you. Remember, if you don't Claim or Save your rewards for that quarter you will lose them.

  2. When do I get my reward?

    Each quarter starts on the: 4 January / 4 April / 4 July / 4 October. We will notify you at the start of each quarter when your Reward is available to Save or Claim.

  3. How do I Claim or Save my Rewards?

    There are lots of ways to redeem your rewards. You can:

    • Through Priority - if you have a Smartphone you can redeem in the Priority App and website.
    • Text either CLAIM or SAVE to 50202
    • You can call the Rewards IVR on 313
    • Log on to the Rewards website
    • Via Customers Services
    • In Retail stores.
    You can CLAIM or SAVE with all the options above. If you'd like to spend your Saved balance then you need to do this via the O2 Rewards website: https://payandgorewards.o2.co.uk/web/o2

  4. What can I spend my rewards on?

    You can use your O2 Rewards to get a high street voucher, or extra credit for calls, texts and data. You can even put them towards a new phone, or get money off tickets to a gig or a show. High Street vouchers include: Argos, Debenhams, Amazon, Boots, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, WH Smiths, iTunes. And don't forget, you must have a saved balance of at least £10 to order a voucher. All vouchers to gigs and shows are via Ticketmaster and you'll get sent a promotional code to enter online when you book.

  5. Does Priority use data?

    The Priority App does not use data, however some charges may be incurred when using the location services and maps functionality within the App.

Registering for Priority

  1. My mobile code never arrives. Why?

    Firstly, double check you're putting the right mobile number in.

    Then check you've got a signal. If you have, ask for another code .

    If it still doesn't arrive, it could be that our code-sending service is swamped. In which case it's best to come back a bit later and try again.

  2. I'm with O2, but when I try to sign up, it says I'm not. Why?

    If you've got an O2 mobile and you're putting that number in, it might be because you transferred the number from another network recently and our database hasn't caught up yet. It should work in a few days, at most.

    If you don't have an O2 mobile and you're with us for home broadband, make sure you're using the mobile number you gave us when you signed up. If you signed up quite recently, it can take 14 days to add you to our database, so you might need to wait a few days. Please note if you are a home broadband customer you will only be able to access Priority on this website.

  3. I've got my mobile code, but it doesn't work. Why not?

    First, check you're putting the right code in. A 1 can look like an I, for instance, or a 2 like a Z.

    You can only use each code once, so make sure you haven't used it already.

    If it's not that, ask for a new one.

    If the new code doesn't work either, it's probably us. Our system might have gone down. Check back in a little bit and hopefully it'll be up and running again.

  4. I'm registered but my password's not working. Why not?

    Are you definitely using your Priority password? It's different from the one you use for My O2.

    If it's still not working, change your password.

  5. I've forgotten my password

    Don't forget that your Priority password is different from the one you use for My O2.

    If it's still not working, change your password.

  6. I'm trying to sign in but I keep getting an error message

    Are you putting in the right mobile number and password? If you've got a mobile with us, you should be putting in your O2 mobile number.

    If you've got O2 broadband, it should be the mobile number you gave us when you signed up. It doesn't have to be an O2 mobile. Remember the non O2 mobile will only work on this website for Priority and not on the mobile apps.

    If you've changed your mobile number since you got O2 broadband, you'll need to email us your new details.

    And it has to be a mobile, not a landline.

    If it's not either of those things, the system might be down. Try again in a few minutes.

    It might be that you haven't actually signed up for Priority yet. It's different to your My O2 account - you have to have a separate username and password for Priority. You can register here.

    If you're definitely registered, it might just be that the system's down. Try again in a little while.

    If nothing works, drop us a line . We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

    Or you can call:

    4445 from your O2 mobile if you're on Pay & Go

    202 from your O2 mobile if you're on Pay Monthly

    0800 230 0202 (free from landlines) if you've got O2 broadband. Or email customer.service@o2broadband.co.uk.

  7. How to disconnect from Facebook & Twitter

    To disconnect from Facebook login into your Facebook account and go to Account > Privacy Settings > Edit your settings (under applications and websites) select Priority and then click on Remove Application.

    To disconnect form Twitter: Login into your Twitter account and go to Settings > Connections. Then revoke access for "Priority".

O2 customer perks

  1. What other benefits do I get as an O2 customer?

    As an O2 customer you come first. So we want to make sure you feel that way whenever you're at The O2, any of the O2 Academy venues across the UK, or any other O2 event. That's why we've got some special perks for you.

  2. Can I get any freebies at The O2 for being an O2 customer?

    On arena event nights you can visit our exclusive O2 lounge and the O2 blueroom bar with up to three friends (subject to capacity). Find an O2 angel when you get to the venue to find out how. They can also update on any other activity happening at the event too. Go to o2.co.uk/terms for full details and terms.

  3. Who do I contact about a ticket I won through a competition with O2?

    For all enquiries about O2 competitions please contact theeventsteam@o2.com.

  4. What are Priority Tickets?

    These are tickets offered only to O2 customers to buy up to 48 hours before general release. Because you come first.

    These tickets are for The O2 arena, 15 of the O2 Academy venues and many more gigs and events across the UK. There are usually a limited number of Priority Tickets and they're sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

  5. Which gigs and events have Priority Tickets?

    You can get your hands on Priority Tickets for most events at The O2 arena and for gigs at 15 O2 Academy venues across the UK:

    O2 ABC Glasgow

    O2 Academy Bournemouth

    O2 Academy Brixton

    O2 Academy Birmingham

    O2 Academy Bristol

    O2 Academy Glasgow

    O2 Academy Islington

    O2 Academy Leeds

    O2 Academy Leicester

    O2 Academy Liverpool

    O2 Academy Newcastle

    O2 Academy Oxford

    O2 Academy Sheffield

    O2 Apollo Manchester

    O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire

    We'll also have lots of Priority Ticket offers for other live music events, sporting events and festivals throughout the year. To find out more, go to the Priority homepage.

  6. How do I find out which events have a Priority Ticket offer?

    You can find details of all Priority Tickets offers on Priority.

    To see what's on, search for events on the Priority home page.

    And if you tell us about your favourite bands and artists, you'll get Priority Ticket alerts for them, by text, email, Facebook or Twitter. That way, you know whenever one of your favourites is playing at The O2 or your local O2 Academy.

    You can get also Priority Ticket alerts by registering online or on your phone. Just let us know what events you're interested in, eg, Music, Sport, Film and TV or Family Attractions.

    To register by phone, text PRIORITY to 2020 from an O2 mobile. To register online, visit Priority , log in by entering your mobile number and complete the form.

    Once you've registered your interests on Priority, we'll send you up to three emails a week for The O2 with upcoming Priority Ticket offers for events you might be interested in. However, we won't be able to tell you about all the Priority Ticket offers, as there'll be around 5,000 events per year. It's best to check regularly for full details of current Priority Ticket offers. Please check Priority.

  7. When will Priority Tickets be available?

    Priority will have details of all current Priority Ticket offers. Priority Tickets will be available to purchase during a specified period of time or until they're all sold out.

    Priority Tickets are usually available up to 48 hours before general release.

Buying Priority Tickets

  1. How do I buy Priority Tickets?

    O2 customers can buy Priority Tickets online by going tickets.o2priority.co.uk or https://priority.o2.co.uk/tickets or by downloading the Priority app. On these platforms there will be links out to the ticket purchase page on AXS.com, Ticketmaster or another ticket vendor. You can only buy Priority Tickets while the offer is running and if they are still available.

  2. How many Priority Tickets can I buy?

    You can buy up to six tickets for each event. It may be less, depending on the event. It's always best to check the terms and conditions when you click through to purchase the tickets.

  3. Are tickets for The O2 being sold on secondary sales websites?

    The O2 partners with StubHub for secondary tickets sales in the UK. All tickets that are sold-on other than via a ticketing partner are invalid and will be made void by the venue wherever possible.

    There is a dedicated tout team at The O2 that works towards stopping ticket touting both in person and online. The O2's customer services team also offers seven-days-a-week advice to victims of ticket touting. Call 0208 463 3359.

  4. What is the Waiting Room?

    The Waiting Room is a feature used by one of our ticketing partners, AXS.com, directly before a Priority Ticket event opens for sale. While the customer waits, they can see prices, and fill in their contact and payment details – meaning that when the event does open for sale, the purchasing process is as quick and efficient as possible.

    For high demand shows, the Waiting Room acts as an important protection for fans. It holds all buyers during the Priority Tickets on-sale as well to allow the AXS security process to determine if any potential fraudulent or undesired buyers are attempting to gain access to the purchase process. Fans that have joined the waiting room before the on-sale will be put through in groups to purchase randomly, at controlled intervals. Anyone entering after the Priority Tickets event opens for sale will go through to purchase after that. Accessing the Waiting Room doesn't guarantee tickets.

Problems buying Priority Tickets

  1. The website isn't working - what do I do?

    This may be due to high traffic on the site, so please keep trying.

  2. I have a question regarding my Priority Ticket booking, who can I contact?

    Please contact the relevant customer service department for problems with purchase confirmation and dispatch updates:

    For The O2 please contact AXS.com

    For O2 Academy venues please contact Ticketmaster

    For shows at non O2 venues please contact the relevant ticket vendor.


    AXS.com sells tickets for The O2, other O2 and non O2 venues that support O2 Ticketing Priority. Your booking reference will be in the format: 025-000 1345. For AXS enquiries please visit AXS.com If you cannot find what you are looking for there contact the support team supportuk@axs.com


    For all purchases with the booking reference number format 12-34567/UK1, your order is with Ticketmaster UK. Please search Ticketmaster's Frequently Asked Questions for answers to the most common enquiries. If you don't find your answer there, you can contact Ticketmaster's online customer service team by using their Ask A Question function on each search result page.

    To review your Ticketmaster account containing all purchase information, please log in to your account for assistance.

Availability of Priority Tickets

  1. Priority Tickets aren't available. Have they all sold out?

    There are only ever a limited number available, so it's likely that all the Priority Tickets have been sold. You can try and get general sale tickets instead.

  2. When I go to buy tickets, they have always sold out. I don't feel like a priority as I missed out on tickets.

    We really hate to disappoint, but tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority Tickets give O2 customers the chance to buy tickets up to 48 hours before general release. There are only a limited number of Priority Tickets available for each event, so tickets are not always guaranteed.

    If the Priority Tickets have sold out, you can still try to buy general tickets.

  3. What happens when Priority Tickets go on sale at the same time as general tickets?

    The Priority Tickets are still exclusive to O2 customers. They will be available throughout the offer period or until they are sold out. Priority Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also try to buy General Sale tickets.

Priority Tickets Alerts

  1. I have registered for Priority Tickets alerts but I am not getting any

    They only currently apply when registering on https://tickets.o2priority.co.uk.

    You may have entered an incorrect mobile number or email address, so you may need to re-register. Try this first. Registration may take up to 48 hours to process.

    We don't send you an alert for every event, instead you will only get one updates email per week for events relevant to you.

  2. How do I stop receiving Priority Tickets email and text alerts?

    To stop receiving Priority Tickets email alerts, just click the 'unsubscribe' button on the latest email you've received from us.

    To stop receiving Priority Tickets text alerts, follow the opt-out instructions at the end of the latest text you've received from us.

Seating and Access

  1. If I buy a Priority Ticket, will I get the best seat in the house?

    Priority Tickets don't guarantee the best seats. However, when booking your Priority Tickets, you'll have the option to choose where to sit from the range of seats available.

  2. I bought Level 4 tickets during the Priority Ticket sale period, which were the 'best available'. Why are there better general tickets available now?

    A wide range of seat types are allocated as Priority Tickets for each show. O2's Priority Ticket offer does not always guarantee access to the best seats. If you don't like the 'best available' Priority Tickets, you can try to buy alternative tickets through the general public sale.

  3. How can I book disabled access Priority Tickets for The O2 arena?

    The O2 arena operates a dedicated disabled access booking line.

    Tel: 020 8463 3359

    Customers outside the UK: +44 208 463 3359

    Typetext: 18001 020 8463 3359

    Email: access@theo2.co.uk

    Phone line opening times differ on priority on sale dates. See event details for timings.

    Seating configurations may change between events, so we recommend you call The O2's dedicated disabled access line to discuss your seating requirements.

    For further information on access at The O2 please see www.theo2.co.uk

    For all O2 Academy Venues please visit the respective access page on the venue website; 2 ABC Glasgow
    O2 Academy Birmingham
    O2 Academy Bournemouth
    O2 Academy Brixton
    O2 Academy Bristol
    O2 Academy Glasgow
    O2 Academy Islington
    O2 Academy Leeds
    O2 Academy Leicester
    O2 Academy Liverpool
    O2 Academy Newcastle
    O2 Academy Oxford>
    O2 Academy Sheffield
    O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire
    O2 Guildhall Southampton
    O2 Apollo Manchester
    O2 Forum Kentish Town
    O2 Ritz Manchester
    O2 Institute Birmingham

Mobile tickets

  1. What is a mobile ticket?

    It's a new way to get your ticket to an event from Ticketmaster. It will appear on your phone in a barcode format.

  2. Why would I want a mobile ticket instead of a paper ticket?

    It saves on having tickets posted to you and saves you having to collect them from the box office.

  3. How long does it take to receive a mobile ticket?

    The barcode will be sent to your phone within 24 hours of buying your ticket.

  4. What if I lose my phone or it's stolen and I need to get a new mobile ticket?

    Whatever your reason for needing a replacement mobile ticket, just call Ticketmaster on 0870 242 4442. They will cancel the original mobile ticket and send you a new one at no additional cost.

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