The Body Coach redemption journey and FAQs



26 May 2021

This article will showcase the different customer redemption journeys as well as answering any FAQs.

Please note, there are two different redemption journeys for the 60 days free of Joe Wicks Body Coach plans dependent on which device you are using. When you redeem the reward, you will be directed to either the App Store or Body Coach website. Once there, paste or enter your code as required.

iOS Version 14 and Above...

If you are a customer on iOS version 14 and above you will be directed to the App Store to redeem your offer.

1). Tap on your 'profile' picture within the App Store.

2). Then tap on the “Redeem Gift Card or Code” option and paste your unique code, which should be saved to your clipboard.

3). After which you will be instructed to download The Body Coach app (if not already installed on your device).

Android or iOS version lower than 14...

If you are an Android customer or on iOS version lower that 14 you will be directed to The Body Coach website to claim 60 days free from the 90 Day Plan.

1). Tap or click on the 'Sign Up' icon to be taken to the redemption fields. Or alternatively, scroll to the bottom on the web page.

2). Enter your unique code, which should be saved to your clipboard, to redeem your 60 days free.


What are the eligibility criteria?

  • The codes are available for existing app subscribers and past trialists - The two free months get added to the end of their current subscription
  • Not available for users already on the 90 Day Plan or who have moved onto the Grad Plan

Why am I being asked to choose a subscription?

  • Your 60 days free will begin at the start of your subscription. Whereby after you will move onto the subscription plan chosen.

What happens after 60-day trial?

  • App: Users start paying a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription, depending on the option chosen when initially signing up.
  • 90 Day Plan: There are 3 Cycles to The Body Coach 90 day plan, and we are giving you Cycles 1 and 2 for free. Users will need to input their payment details to finish Cycle 3.

What happens if I cancel my subscription before the trial ends?

  • App: Access to the content is only available through a paid subscription.
  • 90 Day Plan: Users will still have access to the information as they will receive a PDF.